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Gallery of Artists and Musicians on the Spectrum

Anabelle Listic

Anabelle Listic is a film and digital photographer living in Seattle.  She has been pursuing photography since 2001.  Anabelle has autism and is profoundly visual. Photography allows her to acutely connect with her surroundings.  Her visual surroundings grab her and, before the photograph is even taken, that image has already been imprinted upon her mind.  To Anabelle, a photograph can express what words cannot.


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Eric Wible

Eric Wible is a 26-year old man who has lived with Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolar Syndrome and Dysthymia.  He is a painter, artist, musician, cook, gardener, and philosopher who has overcome many obstacles in his life.  “I started drawing in math class when I could not focus due to the florescent lights, erasable markers, white walls, etc.  I found that if I drew while listening I could memorize and thrive in my studies.  I started painting as a means to understand the nature of my emotional construct, in order to heal and grow.  Now after taking classes with a couple masters and finding my own voice, it’s all become music, fractals, vibration, and I would now like to show and resonate with my fellow bringers of the light.”