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Q is for Quirky

Quirky – Eccentricities, idiosyncratic behavior, and quirkiness can be markers of autism.

Questions – Use this as a question & answer time. What questions has reading through this brought up for you?

Quirkiness is a beloved trait of many people on the spectrum. One question often asked is: Can Autistic children lead normal lives as adults? The prognosis for autistic children able to lead a “normal” life in adulthood varies according to the individual’s level of general intelligence and language development. For Autistic children with severe mental retardation, the prognosis is poor. Among adults with Autism, about one-third achieves partial independence, for example, in a half-way house and performing closely supervised work. A small percentage of the highest function Autistic adults live completely independent lives, but their limited social interaction and communication skills and their narrow range of interests and activities might still cause them to be considered “odd”.