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P is for Perfect Pitch

There is a story about Mozart visiting a farm at age 2, when he heard a pig squeal, the future composer exuberantly cried out “G sharp!” When someone rain inside ot check the child’s tone identifications on the piano, it turned out little Mozart was exactly right…Mozart had what is known as perfect (or absolute) pitch, which is the ability to identify the pitch of a tone without the sue of another known note as reference point. Perfect pitch is as rare as less than one in 10,000. Musical training doesn’t lead to prefect pitch ability. Rather, perfect pitch seems to be something along the lines of a gift, much like a photographic or eidetic memory.

Perfect Pitch / Photographic Memory – These are amazing talents that some people on the autistic spectrum can possess.

Perceptions – Perceptions and myths about autism are abundant. More scientific facts are emerging as we study the brain and individuals with certain challenges and gifts of autism. This will lead to increased understanding about the spectrum and those individuals who are on it.

Physical Challenges – Some people on the spectrum can experience physical challenges including impaired gross and fine motor skills.