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N is for Numbers and Notes

Numbers and Notes are special languages for many people on the autism Spectrum. Even though in some cases Autism is considered a disability, it isn’t as clear a deficiency as say several mental retardation. For one thing, some studies show that on testing of certain visual skills, people with Autism do better than average. Then there are the Rain Main types who are the ones, in extreme cases, can’t add or subtract but can reel off ten-digit prime numbers, or tell you the day of the week of any date within the last 40,000 years. One feature many autistic savants share in the sense that numbers, or whatever the medium of their special skill, are their “friends” – perhaps the best, or only, friends they’ll ever have. This close and personal attachment to their special skill, such as numerical calculations or music becomes a rich and meaningful relationship rather than a purely intellectual or abstract association.

Nature /Nurture – There is an ongoing question for many conditions including Autism, how much is nature (genetics) and how much is nurture (environment). There are no easy answers to this question, research is continually being conducted.
‘Neuro-Typical’ and ‘Neuro-Diversity’ are only terms. We are all still people in a society that must learn to honor brain diversity. We all have unique challenges and gifts. The broader spectrum of autism offers hope for many more breakthroughs in arts and sciences

Narrow Interests – Some individuals on the autism spectrum develop narrow and very specific interests and can throw themselves into these areas sometimes to the point of obsession.