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A is for Art

Autistic Spectrum & Asperger’s – These are the topics we are focusing on in this project. It is crucial to remember that no two people on the autism spectrum are alike, and symptoms and behavior will vary from person to person. Our goals are to educate, increase understanding, provide resources, and offer hope. (For more technical information on what is defined as autism, please refer to Letter D, and the topic of Diagnosing Autism).

Art – Art can be used for expression and connection for some individuals on the spectrum and those in their lives.  Art can be an especially important outlet and tool for people on the spectrum who are non-verbal.

Art Therapy can help some people who are on the autistic spectrum. It provides a form of expression that some people are more likely to connect with.  It can assist in numerous areas that people on the Autism Spectrum can tend to struggle with including sensory regulation, emotions, self expression, abstract thinking, imagination, and motor skills.

AAC – Augmented Assisted Communication Devices are used to help those on the spectrum who are non-verbal or late speakers to express themselves and their needs

ABA – A technique that focuses on behavioral changes and helps people on the spectrum to develop coping skills.